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Acronyms found in song “Second Tour”

MACV – Pronounced MAC – V, “Military Assistance Command Vietnam”. This was the military headquarters during Vietnam War. Pat served at MACV as an Intelligence Analysist, Targets Division –B52s, held a Top-Secret Clearance, and did Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) on every B52 strike for the year of 1969.

BDA – Bomb Damage Assessment

NVA – North Vietnamese Army

HQ – Headquarters

B52 – Strategic eight engine bomber. One B52 plane carried approximately 100 bombs, a combination of 500 and 750 pounders. During just the year of 1969 the U.S. Dropped 3 ½ million bombs from B52s throughout South Vietnam. An additional ¼ million bombs were dropped in Laos.

UXBs – Unexploded bombs – there are millions. Since the end of the war 105,000 Vietnamese have been killed or maimed. 40% killed, 60% maimed.

NVA – North Vietnamese Army

Agent Orange – defoliant that contained dioxin, one of the most toxic substances causing a variety of cancers, physical deformities, and a number of other serious health issues. The U.S. Dropped 19 million gallons of Agent Orange throughout Vietnam for a ten-year period. Vietnamese are still suffering the effects. It can pass from one generation to the next. It has now been passed to the third generation and into the fourth.