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Rounder Records

our roots run deep

Pat’s music is folk, has the feel of country, with a definite bluegrass flavor and a pinch of Irish. His CD contains a variety of entertaining, captivating and meaningful topical songs.

Rounder is pleased to introduce one of the freshest and most compelling groups writing and preforming new songs of social commentary right here in our own backyard, here in New England. Additionally, Pat Scanlon’s lead voice is one of the very finest among polemical singers anywhere, as effective in its emotionality and drama to that of a young Pete Seeger. Pat’s voice is the perfect vehicle for the sensitive, yet powerful, songs he has written for the album (“Songs for Future Generations”).


Let’s dream together, plan together and act together.

The environmental organization Greenpeace co-sponsored Pat’s first album, “Songs for Future Generations”

They sing of a love of the earth, of the wonder of life, and of the need for us all to fight the attitudes of greed and waste that pollute our air and water, kill endangered species, promote dangerous energy policies, and lead us all to the very brink of nuclear holocaust. We are pleased to be part of this project and hope that this effort will bring about a new awareness of our collective responsibilities to ourselves, to our planet and to … Our Future Generations.

Love the Earth.”

Eagle Tribune

News that Hits Home

Andover’s Pat Scanlon has taken his years of experience as a soldier, father, peace and environmental activist and avid recycler and translated them into song on his new CD.

Heartfelt, personal lyrics and talented plucking on the banjo – not to mention the countless players who contributed their expertise on guitar, fiddle, harmonica, piano and even jaw harp to round out the sound – make the CD an enjoyable listen”

Les Sampou

singer-songwriter and recording artist

I’ve been listening to your CD. It is very very good. The musicianship, the energy and the clarity of your themes and messages are great. My favorites are 2, 5, 6, 8,10 and 13 – I’m very impressed.