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About Pat Scanlon and his Music


Pat’s music grows out of his peace, environmental, social and economic activism. His music is folk, has the feel of country, with a definite bluegrass flavor and a pinch of Irish. His CDs contain a variety of entertaining, captivating and meaningful topical songs.

Recently Pat penned a new song titled, “Extremists for Peace” as a result of the Boston police surveillance/spying on area peace groups. In documents uncovered by the Mass ACLU Veterans for Peace were labeled an extremist organization.

“They call us all Extremists cause we’re out here in the street

How unpatriotic  …. Veterans For Peace

They say we gotta watch them, like never before

Cause there’s nothing more dangerous than Veterans Against War”

Pat just finished a new music video “Extremists for Peace” and accompanying two disc CD. The video had it’s debut at the VFP National Convention in Berkeley, CA. VFP chapters, members and friends from across the country funded this musical project – THANK YOU ALL.

In 2011 Pat produced his first music video, “War is Not the Answer, Never Was, Never Will”. Pat wrote the song on the 30th Anniversary of John Lennon’s death. The song contains the word Imagine.


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